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iStock_000017957774_LargeMASSAGE AND BODYWORKERS

Ahhh……… that wonderful feeling of having a great massage or getting some profound bodywork. Especially if you’re in pain or are anxious or depressed, there is nothing better!

Blessed are those who train extensively to relieve the growing stresses of the world, to make sure their clients have as relaxing and healing a session as possible.  

You don’t ever want to think of your session not going the way you wanted, or a client slipping off the table or tripping on the corner of a rug, but if any injury does occur with your business, you’re covered.   Learn more. 

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iStock_000016265244_LargeWe all know how great it feels to have a “good hair day”. Even though studies prove this, we already know that on those days our self-esteem rises, we’re friendlier, feel more capable, and in turn, people respond to us more favorably. We’re in star mode!

This is where the all-important hairdresser, barber, hair stylist, and hair colorist comes in! How great to provide a service that can make so many so happy. But with the advance of numerous hair products to straighten, curl, color, strip, streak, highlight, relax, volumize, tame etc. and all the chemicals used to produce them, reactions can happen, and you want to be assured that both you and your client are protected. Learn more.   
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iStock_000071921877_LargeWho doesn’t love it when your skin looks healthy and glowing? And doesn’t feel almost embarrassed when you get a breakout? Estheticians, specializing in skin care therapy,  go through hours of training to be sure they are knowledgeable and up to date on the latest techniques and products.  You never know an individual’s reaction to a product, so protecting your client and yourself is always a smart thing to do. Learn more.       
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This ever expanding field just keeps on expanding. And what a good thing — there is no need to get bored with exercise; it’s all about finding what fits for you.

Fitness instructors, from yoga teachers to personal trainers and more, study hours to make sure they are safely doing what is best for your body. But in the event something happens, know that our extended coverage will cover you and your student.  Learn more. 
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iStock_000049541458_LargeThere’s something so special about getting a manicure or a pedicure. It just adds that finishing touch that makes you feel pulled together.

As a professional it’s always wise and a simple matter to protect you and your client for anything that could go wrong, from an infection to a slip and fall. Learn more. 

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